Grzegorz Wrochna

Particle physics: multiparticle production

KNO-G scaling and lognormal shape of multiplicity disctributions
30.04.2013 Bad Liebenzell, presentation
Summary of previous results and description of different hadron-nucleon data.

Multiplicity distributions in e+ e- and pp collisions and bivariate branching process
Gut Holmecke / Dortmund 1990, Proceedings, Multiparticle dynamics, p.464-473, preprint IFD-9-1990
Summary of results; comparision with HERWIG, JETSET and toy Monte Carlo

How to fit the lognormal distribution
preprint IFD-8-1990

Scaling of multiplicity distributions and collision dynamics in e+ e- and pp interactions
M. Gazdzicki, R. Szwed, G. Wrochna, A.K. Wroblewski
Mod.Phys.Lett. A6 (1991) 981-992, preprint IFD-7-1990
Common e+e- and pp properties; possible reasons for pp scaling violation at 540 GeV.

New AMY and DELPHI multiplicity data and the lognormal distribution
R. Szwed, G. Wrochna, A.K. Wroblewski
Mod.Phys.Lett. A6 (1991) 245-258, preprint IFD-6-1990

Multiparticle production as a bivariate branching process
13th Warsaw Symposium on Elementary-particle Physics, Kazimierz, Poland, 28.05-1.06.1990, pp.353-364, preprint IFD-5-1990
Introducing probit diagram

Genesis Of The Lognormal Multiplicity Distribution In The e+ e- Collisions And Other Stochastic Processes
R. Szwed, G. Wrochna, A.K. Wroblewski
Mod.Phys.Lett. A5 (1990) 1851-1870, preprint IFD-1-1990

Scaling Predictions For Multiplicity Distributions At LEP
R. Szwed, G. Wrochna
Z.Phys. C47 (1990) 449-456, preprint IFD-3-1989
Introducing lognormal distribution.

Scaling properties of e+ e- multiplicity distributions and predictions for LEP
G. Wrochna, R. Szwed
Kazimierz 1989, Proceedings, Frontiers in particle physics, p.561-575

Misunderstandings And Difficulties In Using Negative Binomial Distribution
Kazimierz 1987, Proceedings, Physics for future accelerators, p.89-102.

Mystery of the negative binomial distribution
R. Szwed, G. Wrochna, A.K. Wróblewski
Acta Physica Polonica B19 (1988) 763, preprint IFD-87-3

New ISR And SPS Collider Multiplicity Data And The Golokhvastov Generalization Of The KNO Scaling
R. Szwed, G. Wrochna
Z.Phys. C29 (1985) 255, preprint CERN-EP/85-43

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