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38 years of Gamma Ray Bursts and perspectives for future - pdf (6MB) - ppt (9MB)
"PLC 2005", 5-8.09.2005, Kazimierz, Poland.

Search for optical counterparts of Gamma Ray Bursts - pdf (3MB) - ppt (6MB)
"Photon 2005", 31.08-4.09.2005, Warsaw, Poland.

Gamma ray bursts and their optical counterparts - pdf (4MB) - ppt (10MB)
XXIX Mazurian Lakes Conference "Nuclear Physics and the Fundamental Processes", 30.8-6.9.2005, Piaski, Poland.

"Gamma Ray Bursts - the birth cry of black holes?" - pdf (11 MB) - ppt (10 MB)
XVI IEEE-SPIE Symposium on Photonics, Electronics and Web Engineering, 30.05 - 5.06.2005, Wilga, Poland.

Astroparticle physics in Poland - pdf (3MB) - ppt (5MB)
R-ECFA Meeting, 25.02.2005, Warsaw, Poland.


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