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Transparencies presented at various meetings are the primary communication medium in CMS. Almost every information appears first just in this form. Therefore it is extremally important to provide a quick and easy access to this information for all interested people. The WWW offers very convenient way of getting it. However providing the information i.e. writing html is painful and time consuming process. Even more difficult is maintenance of a big and complicated structure which is in fact a kind of data base.

Facing all this problems I have made an attempt to facilitate these tasks and build a tool for semiautomatic maintenance of a transparencies archive. The purpose of this work was just to make my life easier rather then create a general and powerful system. Therefore the structure is rather stiff and all the scripts are full of explicite names. The style is rather "amateur" than professional. However knowing that many other people have similar problems I decided to publish my work even if it cannot be very useful in its present form. My hope is that somebody will take the ideas and create a nice utility in more professional way.

Description of the system

Assumed structure (created "by hand")

Features of the system

The system performs the following tasks: These tasks are done by a set of UNIX scripts: All the scripts are appended here.

Grzegorz Wrochna